Winn Dixie Party Platters

Planning a party can be daunting especially if you are a first timer. First off, you need to determine the place where you will be holding your event. After this, determine the theme of your party. This depends largely on whatever event you are celebrating. After all this is done, the next important thing to smooth out is the food you will be serving.

Winn Dixie stores offer you a lot of choices when it comes to party platters. These are very affordable so you will not overdo your budget. Winn Dixie party platters also come in different varieties so you will not find it hard to choose which ones you wanted.

Here are some of the platters you can choose from:

1. Slider Roll Sandwich Platter

These Hawaiian rolls from Winn Dixie are perfect to serve as a mid-afternoon snack before a big dinner. They are made with some ham and roasted turkey, Swiss cheese and roasted beef and cheddar. The party platter also comes with some potato salad or coleslaw depending on your preference. You can also purchase at Price Chopper, party platters with discounted prices.

2. Kid’s Finger Sandwiches

If you are hosting a kid’s party at your place then these finger sandwiches are perfect for the occasion. They are very easy to eat especially for kids who are constantly running around. You can have some ham and cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with some grapes on the side.

3. Executive Entertainer Platter

If your guests are more refined and mature, then you need to have your best foot forward. Winn Dixie offers the executive platter filled with meats and cheese for the sophisticated palate.

The platter consists of a hefty serving of rolled roast beef, Black Forest ham, salami, and roasted turkey. It also comes with provolone cheese, Swiss cheese in tuxedo cuts and a bowl of extra garnish.

These are just three Winn Dixie party platters you can choose from. They have many more to offer in their stores. All you need to do is swing by them and pick out the platters that you want.