Wegmans Party Platters

Simple gatherings are all the more enjoyable if you are accompanied by friends and loved ones while munching on something that is tasty and delicious. Wegmans party platters usually go a long way in making sure that guests are stuffed while enjoying the rest of the party’s activities.
Here are some party (serving platter) ideas you can try the next time you throw a party. All of this can be found easily at any Wegmans food store.

1. Large Cubed Cheese and Fruit Platter

This one is simple yet very elegant. If you want to serve healthy food, then you are better off with a cheese and fruit platter from Wegmans. You can buy one that is already assembled and ready to serve or find the ingredients and assemble one yourself.

If you are doing the latter, make sure you buy several types of fruits so your guests can have plenty of choices. You can use grapes, strawberries or some sliced mangoes and papayas. Also, find fruits that are on season since these usually come cheaper compared to fruits that are not in season.

2. Snack Platter

The snack platter is perfect for Friday night gatherings wherein you just want to relax and watch something at home. You can buy meats and other finger foods at Wegmans and cook them in your place before serving.

You can also buy some sandwiches, chips, and dips. Put all of them in a platter and serve to your guests. You can make the sandwiches yourself or give your guests the freedom to make up their own sandwiches.

3. Veggie Platter

Another health-conscious choice that has ingredients that you can easily find at Wegmans, you can put together this platter yourself. Go get some broccoli, carrots, cucumber and some celery sticks. Partner them up with some dips and sauces and you’re good to go.

With Wegmans party platters, you are sure to have a fun and delicious time.