Price Chopper Party Platters

Hosting a party means you would have to plan ahead on how your party will go about, how may guests you will be inviting and which food items you will be serving. All of these can be daunting especially if you are planning to host a party for the first time. While you have to depend largely on yourself with regards to the first two factors, you can always find means to lighten your load. Establishments like Price Chopper stores offer party platters, which present you with fully-prepared dishes.

Price chopper party platters, Los Angeles area specifically, are perfect even for spontaneous and last minute parties. They have a variety of deli platter you can choose from and all comes in very affordable prices. Here are some of them:

1. The Old Favorite Platter

If you want to feast on some delicious meats and cheeses, then the Old Favorite platter will be the right choice for you. The platter consists of some lean corned beef and pastrami together with some Swiss cheese. The platter is then garnished with some olives for added taste.

This platter comes in various sizes depending on the number of your company. The smallest one can serve at least 10 people.

2. Grand Buffet Platter

If you have already been convinced by the Old Favorite platter, then you need to reconsider and take a look at the Price Chopper Grand Buffet platter first. This big one includes popular meats like roast beef, baked ham, and corned beef topped with Swiss and American cheese.

3. International Platter

If you want an international zing in your party, then you may want to serve out some International platter courtesy of Price Chopper. This one consists of some Genoa salami, American cheese, baked ham, and some honey turkey breast; a delectable feast that can serve a group of 10 and above.

All these Price Chopper Party platters are affordable so you won’t overdo whatever budget you have. These party platters are practical and they can all be found at any Price Chopper stores.