Party Platters at Walmart

There have been so many times in the past wherein we just want to be served food instead of laboring in the kitchen for an hour just to put together a meal for lunch or dinner. These are the times when we hop into the kitchen at home or the mini-pantry in the office long enough to assemble a sandwich using whatever ingredients are available in the fridge.

For times like this, it would be better to simply order sandwich party platters at Walmart. This is an especially good idea if you and your co-workers have a deadline to meet and cannot afford to leave work for lunch. Have one of your errand boys in the office go to Walmart and order any of its amazing sandwich platters before lunch break arrives. This way, all of you can continue working without having to skip lunch altogether.

Party Platters with Multiple Servings

A platter can never be called as such if it doesn’t contain enough food to serve at least six or eight people. Customers can therefore depend that party platters at Walmart are enough for at least six to eight people. That is the smallest serving number of their smallest party platter, followed by a medium tray that will serve up to 15 people. The largest party platters at Walmart measures 18 inches across and can serve as many as 25 people.

Depending on how many you are and how long you are planning to stay cooped up in the office, order the platter size of your choice so that you won’t be working inefficiently on an empty stomach.

Examples of Walmart’s Sandwich Platters

One of Walmart’s most popular sandwich platters is the Meat & Cheese Tray which consists of sandwich-size cuts of different kinds of meats (smoked turkey, roast beef, thin ham cuts) and cheeses (Colby Jack, pepper jack, Swiss). The tray is also garnished with green leafy vegetables as sandwich add-ons. This platter comes in small, medium and large trays priced at $15, $25 and $35 respectively. This is actually just a platter of sandwich ingredients and people will have to assemble their own sandwiches. Customers will have to get the sliced bread along with this platter too, plus some dressing if they wish.

Customers can also order Sub Sandwich party platters at Walmart. Here the bread and ingredients are already assembled according to the customer’s specifications. Yes, it is possible to put in your request for the kinds of sandwiches that will be included in the platter you order. Walmart usually allows up to three different kinds of meats and a choice of cheese and garnishes for the sub sandwiches.

The Sub Sandwich platters serves more people than the Meats & Cheese Tray. The smallest Sub tray costs $15 and consists of a two-foot sandwich that can serve up to 12 people. The $20 four-foot sandwich can feed up to 24 people, and the $25 monster sandwich serves more or less 25 people. That’s equivalent to $1 a sandwich–not a bad deal at all!

It is really easy to go crazy for party platters at Walmart. They are very affordable and the sandwiches taste good!