Party Platter Ideas

It’s honestly quite enjoyable to assemble party platters in a buffet. There’s so much room for creativity. Plus, it’ll be a hoot getting people to eat because they’re so enticed by how well you presented the food.

Assembling Deli and Sandwich Party Platters

Deli party platters are usually enough for casual get-togethers among friends. You and your pals will care more for the fun conversation than the food anyway. Still, you have to think of party platter ideas to make the food look more presentable.

If you don’t want the trouble of slicing meat yourself, just buy a deli party platter at Walmart and simply rearrange its contents in a more attractive platter. Pile the slices of ham separately from the cheese. You can use the pepperoni ad other condiments to separate them. Prepare a bowl of mayonnaise and a bottle of mustard. Of course, the sliced bread should already be out of the bag and laid on a bread tray.

Arranging Platters of Condiments

Condiments are easier to fix mostly because they are the main course, are cooked in larger amounts and are therefore often placed in ordinary buffet trays. You just have to position them side by side and you’re done. If you want the buffet table to look more interesting, try these party platter ideas for condiments:

Assemble dry, fried food like chicken, pork chops, hotdogs, and barbecue in flat platters. You can use different sizes and shapes depending on how much there is for each kind of food. The condiments that are soaked in sauces, like sweet and sour pork, can remain in the ordinary buffet trays.

Common party platter ideas for condiments also include placing appetizers on the same table as the condiments. Some people like to eat them together anyway. Place the platters of shrimps and little sandwiches at the head of the buffet table though, where people will start lining up for food.

Party Platters for Desserts

Sometimes it is easier to assemble desserts on a party platter rather than serve them individually to guests. When you prepare slices of cake, for instance, and bring over the plates to guests, there might be some who would decline. That’s going to be a waste of perfectly good cake if some guests would opt to leave theirs untouched on the table all day long.

By incorporating your party platter ideas for desserts, there’s a lesser chance that food will be wasted. Guests will have their pick on which desserts to put on their plate. Plus, if the presentation is very good, people might be more encouraged to try out the sweets!

Set your dessert table apart from the main buffet to control traffic. This way, those who are already on to dessert won’t crowd with those who are still going to start eating. You can then try these party platter ideas for desserts:

Use separate platters or fancy plates for each kind of dessert. Separate cookies in a wide tray (you can either pile cookies by kind too or simply dump all of them together) and use porcelain platters each for brownies, crinkles. You can serve pies and cakes, but cut them in triangle slices first. You can also place a basket of sweet strawberries and a bowl of melted chocolate on one side.