Kroger Party PlattersParty planning can be stressful especially if you are out to impress guests or family members. However, it can be done a lot easier with careful planning and preparation. One of the most important things in a party are the party platters. It can dictate the mood of the event and be crucial in the enjoyment of your guests.

Platters need not be too expensive in order to be impressive. You can just easily troop to the nearest Kroger grocery store and pick out the foods you want to include.

Here are some Kroger party platters that you can easily acquire:

1. Appetizer and Snack Platters

If you are planning a midday gathering wherein you do not really need a whole menu planned, then you can always procure a few dips and chips for your visitors. Throw in some deviled eggs and crackers together with your spinach dips and olives and you’re good to go.

2. Meats and Cheeses Platter

Perfect for the more sophisticated crowd, you can buy different kinds of meats and serve them as finger food for your guests. They can be served as rolls or cubed depending on your preferences. Purchase some cheeses also and pop in a bottle of wine for a sure good time.

3. Sandwich Platters

For a bigger crowd, sandwiches are perfect to serve. They are easy to make and will really suit even the most sophisticated of tastes. However, you can still choose to serve only the ingredients of the sandwich and give the freedom of assembling them to your guests. Just make sure to offer a variety of breads, garnishes and meats when serving up party sandwich platters.

4. Dessert Platters

If you have kids coming over, then you can always offer some sweet snacks they can nibble on during the course of your party. Some bakes goods like cookies, tarts and the like will do the trick.

These Kroger party platters are very easy to assemble and find in the nearest Kroger store from your home. You also need not dish out a hefty budget when making these.