Food is usually the biggest concern whenever there is a party or even just a simple gathering. It doesn’t matter if there’s no hired band or a team of magicians to entertain the guests as long as there’s enough delicious food to keep everyone’s hunger and palates satisfied. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a host shouldn’t be overly frugal too if he doesn’t want that the food served in his party will be mediocre at best. It is possible to be economical and at the same time secure a delicious banquet for everyone.

Feed Guests and Save Money with Party Platters

Ideas for Party PlattersOne way to save on money is to purchase party platters. These are available in Costco and Walmart stores, among others. What’s great about them is that each tray can serve up to 25 people at very, very affordable prices. For example, a Meat & Cheese tray at Walmart may cost $15-$35, depending on the tray size (small, medium, and large). The largest tray is good for 25 servings. Imagine, with just $35 you can serve your friends with a variety of meats and cheeses for a quick chow or for sandwiches.

There are other kinds of party platters too that can be served in a more formal gathering. Vegetables, fruits, condiment and dessert trays dressed up with ideas for party platters will fit in a buffet table nicely. There are also platters of Japanese and Korean food that hosts can serve in order to have something a bit new and different in the buffet.

Get Creative with Party Platters

Even though we can appreciate the appeal of party platters, we cannot deny that the presentation of these platters is sometimes too plain for a party. This isn’t something to worry about though, because this is precisely where the best part comes in.

People can get very creative and make up different ideas for party platters. Moms who habitually order party platters already know the routine: find a very attractive food platter that fits with the theme of the celebration and rearrange the food here. The way the food is laid out on the tray is very important and this is where a host’s knowledge about food presentation becomes evident. They also often add garnishes all over the platter in order to make it look more attractive and appetizing.

Food Ideas for Party Platters

A person can come up with more ideas for party platters if he has a theme to work around with. If the party is in celebration of a girl’s 16th birthday, here’s an idea: scatter edible rose petals on the salad bar. If it’s a children’s party, sprinkle colorful candy beads all over the dessert platter and fruit tray. If the theme is all about pirates, you can also insert chocolate gold coins all over the deli platter, the sandwich tray, among the fried chicken, and all other hard and dry food.

It is really quite easy to think up of ideas for party platters. Just be as creative and artistic as you can and you’ll be able to make a buffet that’s stocked with party platters look like an expensive, chef-prepared smorgasbord.