HEB Party PlattersParty platters are the perfect solution especially during impromptu and spontaneous gatherings. HEB party platters are particularly easy to come up with since all the ingredients you will need on whatever party tray are already available and ready for you to purchase.

Here are some easy party platter ideas you can do the next time you throw a spontaneous get-together:

  • Dipping Platters

When you are just hanging out on a Friday night watching some movies or sports at home with your friends, then you need to look at some dipping platters to serve. You can buy several kinds of dips at your local HEB store from garlic cheese, cream cheese, salsa and the like. Pair these dips up with some crackers, tortilla chips, and some nacho shells.

If you want to go the healthy route, you can always serve up some fresh cut vegetables like celery sticks, carrot sticks, green beans, and some broccoli florets. You can also order up their tasty Sushi party platters which is also a great way to say on the healthy rouge.

  • Appetizer platters

Chicken HEB Party PlattersThis is another great choice for casual hangouts with friends or family. You can cook up some finger food appetizer items like chicken wings, chicken fingers or some pork and veggie rolls.

It is important for you to determine first how many people are going to your party before you go cooking your foods. If less than ten people are invited then at least a couple of different food items and some wine and beer are enough to do the trick for you.

  • Dessert Platters

Desserts are perfect to serve especially if you have kids involved in the party. Swing by your HEB stores and pick up some cookies, brownies, cupcakes and the like. Arrange them nicely in a tray and serve them out to your guests.
Planning a simple get-together is not too hard. There are other HEB party platters which you can choose from. And you can even ask for their personnel’s help in assembling your party trays.