Food Party Platters

Entertaining at home is always a great idea that bonds people in a very cozy setting. Throwing a simple party with food party platters is easy enough to do especially if you are short on time and budget. Party platters can be done fast and they do not really cost too much to make.

Here are some party food platters idea you can use the next time you throw a party with some of your friends:

1. Party Platter with Dips

Dips are ideal if you just want to relax at home with some of your friends and watch a movie or two on a Friday night. You can also get creative when it comes to the things that can come with your dips. Buy some chips, biscuits or fresh veggies to pair up with your assortment of dips.

You can easily buy dips ranging from cheese to tomato-based ones in the supermarket. Make sure you provide choices so your guests can pick which dips they want to use.

2. Fruit Party Platter

If you have invited some of your older relatives or kids to your party, then a fruit party platter is just right for the occasion. Mix and match various kinds of fruits and offer them in a wide party platter for easier consumption.

3. Sandwich Platter

You cannot go wrong with sandwiches. You can either serve them as sandwiches or offer up the ingredients and let your guests do the assembling. Your guests can pick which meats, breads or cheeses they’d want to go into their subs.

4. Finger Foods Platter

Finger foods may be the easiest to make especially if you are throwing your party without too much time for preparations. Throw in some rolls or chicken wings there and you are good to go.

There are a lot more things which you can put and serve on your food party platters. Do not be afraid to get ingenious when it comes to this. Party platters are a great way to fill up whoever is coming to your bash.