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Delicious party platters need not be made of extravagant and expensive food items. When you just want to relax with your friends, simple party platters, subway sandwiches and finger foods will definitely do the trick. Get imaginative with these simple items and you are sure to enjoy throwing your simple party.

Party Platters Subway

If you are new to all these, here are some party platter ideas that are simple to prepare. More importantly, these will not dent your budget too much:

1. Simple Party Platter

Crackers and some dips may be the simplest platter you can serve when you have friends come over. Create variety by putting together different types of biscuits, crackers and cookies. Also offer several types of dips and cheeses so your guests can choose whichever they want to eat.

Crackers and biscuits are very cheap and they are not too hard to obtain especially if you are assembling your platter hastily. You can even present them in such a way that shows off your creativity to your guests. For a healthier choice, you can also serve fruit party platters.

2. Party Platters Subway

Sandwiches are usually on the menu when it comes to impromptu gatherings. To make them more exciting, offer only the ingredients. Put in different kinds of breads, meats and cheeses into the plate. Also include dressings, tomatoes, onions, peppers and olives in there to give your guests a chance to be more creative in their sandwiches.

3. Finger food platter

Finger foods are very easy to cook and serve. You can go to the store and buy yourself some chicken wings, pork rolls, cheese sticks, vegetable rolls or some dim sum. You can serve them right off the frying pan while they are still piping hot.

4. Fruit Platter

If you are on the healthy side and you want your friends to join the bandwagon, then fruits are always a safe choice for you. Like any other platters discussed here, make sure you give your guests several options to choose from.

Whatever party platters, subway or finger foods you serve, the important thing is that you exert the effort in making guests feel at home and enjoy themselves.

Subway Party Platters

Throwing a party can sometimes be a drag on someone’s budget. But if you know the right materials and you really want to celebrate something or just hangout with friends, you need not dish out too much money in order to have fun. All you need is a well-thought party platter and your gathering is good to go.

Planning a party is tricky especially if you are working on a shoestring budget. However, you still have the freedom to serve inexpensive subway party platters or other finger food platters.

One tip that could go a long way when you are on the planning stage is to look for stores that sell items on wholesale. You can save a lot of your budget by buying things in bulk. Determine how many guests you are planning to invite first to give an idea on how much food items you have to buy.

When it comes to party platters (subway or not), choose materials that are cheap since you only need to be using them once. Instead of buying actual plates, opt for disposable ones which you can throw away after use. Besides, you will only be throwing a party every once in a while. You can also keep the excess materials for the next party you are throwing.

For the food, choose cheap alternatives like vegetables and fruits for your subway party platters. Let your guests assemble their own food items. This can save you time and effort and can also ensure that you will not serve food items that your guest will not eat.

You can also use everyday home materials like cardboard and tin foil when making party platters. Also make sure that you buy platters wide enough to contain a generous amount of the food items you will be serving.