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Applebees Party Platters

While throwing house parties is fun for everyone and gives you the chance to bond and be with friends in a more casual setting, planning them can sometimes be a drag. This is especially so if you are a busy person and usually do not have time to spare on preparations. Party platters here may be your best solution.

Applebee’s is a chain of restaurants that specializes in party platters you can order for your party needs. Applebees party platters are available in a variety of options so you can just choose what you feel like serving.

Here are some factors to consider when you choose your cheap party platters:

1. The Three C’s

Applebee’s go by the principle of the three C’s in their catering business. The three C’s are: choosing the food that you want from among Applebee’s selection, call and order a day ahead, and come by pick up your order at your predetermined time. Following these tips can ensure lesser hassle for your and a smoother flow to the party you are planning.

2. Determine the Size and Provide Variety

Before you proceed with your orders, you need to have a good estimate first of the guests you will be inviting. If you are having a party of around 10-15 people then it may be best for you to order two appetizer platters and also a couple of entrée party platters.

3. Try Providing a Full Course

Start with some appetizer trays and then proceed with the main entrée platters before ending up your party with some tasty dessert selection. Applebee’s have all of these in their menu so you just have to choose what you think will be to your guests’ preferences.

Applebees party platters are not very expensive so you need not worry too much in spending too much of your funds. Get creative with your selections to ensure variety during the party you will be throwing.

Party Platters Los Angeles

Entertaining guests at your house can be a tiring task. If you want to host successful parties, you have to plan ahead and think thoroughly of what you will be serving your visitors. Out of the many delicious party platters Los Angeles has to offer, you can choose one that will best suit your tastes.

If you are living in the city and its neighbors, then you will not find it very hard to find a store that will give you your party platter needs. Here are some deli food items and the restaurants where you can order them that you might want to check out:

1. Italian Party Platters

One of the more popular choices when it comes to cuisine served at parties is Italian. There is something about Italian food that connects to almost everyone, no matter their background. Meats like pepperoni, salami, pastrami and the like partnered with special kinds of cheeses are perfect for small get-togethers and celebrations.

You can try Honey Ham Co. at nearby Glendale to get your meat and deli fix. Labels Table Delicatessen and Salute in Santa Monica can also give you your party platter needs. You can also go to the nearest Applebees, party platters are one of their specialty, you can find a wide-range of selection from them.

2. Asian party platters

Asian cuisine is not limited to the usual Chinese and Japanese delicacies. There are other cuisines you may want to try and maybe you would actually enjoy. There are Korean, Filipino, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Indian cuisines you can choose form.

Try Kobawoo House in Koreatown or Yakimaki and Murakami Sushi for your Asian party platters. You can also check out California Roll & Sushi and Sushi-Gen for their Asian deli platters.
Food is an important factor in the success of any party. If you live in California, you are in luck because there are several choices when it comes to party platters Los Angeles has to offer.

Price Chopper Party Platters

Hosting a party means you would have to plan ahead on how your party will go about, how may guests you will be inviting and which food items you will be serving. All of these can be daunting especially if you are planning to host a party for the first time. While you have to depend largely on yourself with regards to the first two factors, you can always find means to lighten your load. Establishments like Price Chopper stores offer party platters, which present you with fully-prepared dishes.

Price chopper party platters, Los Angeles area specifically, are perfect even for spontaneous and last minute parties. They have a variety of deli platter you can choose from and all comes in very affordable prices. Here are some of them:

1. The Old Favorite Platter

If you want to feast on some delicious meats and cheeses, then the Old Favorite platter will be the right choice for you. The platter consists of some lean corned beef and pastrami together with some Swiss cheese. The platter is then garnished with some olives for added taste.

This platter comes in various sizes depending on the number of your company. The smallest one can serve at least 10 people.

2. Grand Buffet Platter

If you have already been convinced by the Old Favorite platter, then you need to reconsider and take a look at the Price Chopper Grand Buffet platter first. This big one includes popular meats like roast beef, baked ham, and corned beef topped with Swiss and American cheese.

3. International Platter

If you want an international zing in your party, then you may want to serve out some International platter courtesy of Price Chopper. This one consists of some Genoa salami, American cheese, baked ham, and some honey turkey breast; a delectable feast that can serve a group of 10 and above.

All these Price Chopper Party platters are affordable so you won’t overdo whatever budget you have. These party platters are practical and they can all be found at any Price Chopper stores.

Winn Dixie Party Platters

Planning a party can be daunting especially if you are a first timer. First off, you need to determine the place where you will be holding your event. After this, determine the theme of your party. This depends largely on whatever event you are celebrating. After all this is done, the next important thing to smooth out is the food you will be serving.

Winn Dixie stores offer you a lot of choices when it comes to party platters. These are very affordable so you will not overdo your budget. Winn Dixie party platters also come in different varieties so you will not find it hard to choose which ones you wanted.

Here are some of the platters you can choose from:

1. Slider Roll Sandwich Platter

These Hawaiian rolls from Winn Dixie are perfect to serve as a mid-afternoon snack before a big dinner. They are made with some ham and roasted turkey, Swiss cheese and roasted beef and cheddar. The party platter also comes with some potato salad or coleslaw depending on your preference. You can also purchase at Price Chopper, party platters with discounted prices.

2. Kid’s Finger Sandwiches

If you are hosting a kid’s party at your place then these finger sandwiches are perfect for the occasion. They are very easy to eat especially for kids who are constantly running around. You can have some ham and cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with some grapes on the side.

3. Executive Entertainer Platter

If your guests are more refined and mature, then you need to have your best foot forward. Winn Dixie offers the executive platter filled with meats and cheese for the sophisticated palate.

The platter consists of a hefty serving of rolled roast beef, Black Forest ham, salami, and roasted turkey. It also comes with provolone cheese, Swiss cheese in tuxedo cuts and a bowl of extra garnish.

These are just three Winn Dixie party platters you can choose from. They have many more to offer in their stores. All you need to do is swing by them and pick out the platters that you want.

Mexican Party Platters

When it comes to easy entertainment, you have to think of spontaneous get-togethers and parties. These events are not only fun but can only serve as time well spent with the ones you are closest with. If you are planning to have a party soon, you should consider serving something out of the usual. Why not try Mexican food?

Mexican party platters are great since they are not complicated to assemble and will not be too expensive for your budget. Here are some of the food items you should consider when planning your Mexican trays:

1. Taco Platter

When you think of Mexican cuisine, you would automatically picture some tacos. Tacos are very easy to cook up since all you needed to do is assemble the meats and vegetables together inside a taco shell.

Tacos are also very versatile since you can use almost all the meats you can find at your local grocery stores. You can use some ground beef or chicken together with some guacamole and cheese. Other greens can also be used and you can ad some hot sauce to spice up your taco treats.

2. Nacho Platters

Another Mexican food staple like the taco, nachos are not only delicious but are also very easy to cook up. When it comes to nachos, the dips and sauces may be the most important parts. You can cook up your own dips depending on your preferences. Make sure you have cheese, beans, tomatoes and some onions into your party snack platters.

3. Other Mexican Delicacies

If you want to provide variety into your party plates, you can add other Mexican recipes like enchiladas, burros, taquitos, fundidos, tamales and some chichimangas. All of these can be paired nicely with some seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Spending the week-end at home with some of your friends may be one of the simplest enjoyments around. Partner a relaxing get-together with some awesome Mexican party platters and it will not be surprising if you do this again for the next week.

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