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Party Platters from CostcoMost of us are used to shopping at groceries and convenience stores for our daily needs. Food, clothing, electronics, books, trinkets, household items, furniture–all of these things are available in these establishments. Unsurprisingly then, many would automatically hit these stores when they need to prepare for a party.

However, in light of today’s economy, it is important for people to save as much as they can. There’s no telling when inflation will rise again. We never know when a financial emergency will come up. The best way to be prepared for these situations would be to build up a savings fund and keep it untouched except only emergencies. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean we no longer have the right to hold a party and celebrate an important occasion. Parties don’t need to be very expensive to be memorable. In fact, with the availability of party favors, utensils and party platters from Costco, you can already host a simple party at home.

Costco: One of US’s Leading Wholesalers

Costco is one of the biggest and most successful membership warehouse club chains in the world. As such, the merchandise sold here is packed in bulk. You cannot shop here if your intention is only to grab a couple of bars or Snickers or a single Diet Coke can. You need to buy them in bulk. The advantage here is that bulk buying is always cheaper than buying items individually–and Costco is definitely where you can find the cheapest price tags.

Party Decorations and Catering at Costco

As a warehouse store, you can find almost anything at Costco. If you need new linens and lighting fixtures to set up your house for a party, this store has them. Flowers, invitations, balloons, party utensils and other decorations can also be bought by dozens or wholesale packs here. It is truly possible to get all that you need to prepare for a party right in this warehouse store.

New Party Platters from CostcoFood, of course, is a very important matter when planning a party. Luckily customers can also buy party platters from Costco. These platters are not to be sneered at; even though they are made at a warehouse store and not at some fancy restaurant, they still taste really good! Many customers can attest that party platters from Costco are more than worth your money. With prices that range from $10 – $150 or more (depending on the size of the platter and its contents), most people wouldn’t expect these party food to taste very good–but they do!

There are so many kinds of party platters from Costco that no matter what kind of party you have in mind, there’s always something from this store that you can serve to your guests. Finger foods like croissants, sandwiches, pastries and cookies are available in platters here. Seafood and meat party platters from Costco are also great additions to the buffet table. If majority of your guests are vegetarians and health buffs, there are also fruit and vegetable platters at very affordable prices.

Party Platters at Costco

Costco is one of the largest wholesale retailer and membership warehouse club chain in the US, making it one of the ideal places to shop in when you’re holding a casual party at home. Here you can find things that you can use to decorate your home with: from little gifts for very special guests to, of course, the food that will be served in the party.

By buying decorations, souvenirs and party platters at Costco, you can save money and even get a little creative along the way.

Affordable and Diverse Party Platters

Party platters at Costco are favorites for house parties. People who don’t like to do the cooking themselves can simply order online or visit the nearest Costco outlet themselves. There are so many choices and varieties to choose from, which is a good thing since they can cater to all sorts of food preferences. Party platters at Costco range from small trays that serves 8 to ten people to larger trays that can serve up to 20 or more individuals. The food served also varies from American cuisines to Mexican and Asian.

Many people love the shrimp and sushi party platters at Costco. There are so many pieces in just one platter, it is even possible to assemble two platters out of one. In fact most customers would simply pick up a shrimp platter and, since the arrangement prepared by Costco is often too simple for most people’s taste, rearrange the food in another platter at home and garnish it with more greens and lemons.

The sandwich party platters at Costco are another favorite for parties and gatherings. Customers can order croissants, rolled-up sandwiches, plain sandwiches and so forth. Besides the type of sandwich, the wide variety of ingredients also add to the number of choices customers can choose from.

Those who are hosting a game night wherein friends will come over for rounds of poker and Guitar Hero competitions can buy a block of cheese and assemble a platter of cheeses and crackers. There are so many other party platters at Costco that are perfect for simple gatherings at home. Plus, people can assemble their own platters by buying food in bulk at Costco.

Wholesale Decorations and Souvenirs

Costco is not an arts and crafts store nor does it retail on souvenir items, but there are things here that people can use as party souvenirs. For instance, there are small, glass jars that are more affordable here than in non-retail stores. Fill them with candies, baked goods or colorful trinkets and you’ll have party favors already.

If you need flowers for a sweet 16th party or a wedding anniversary party, it is also cheaper to buy roses by dozens at Costco. Just like with souvenir items, it only takes creativity to utilize the merchandise sold here and use them as party decorations.

Costco Party Platters

The party platters Costco offers to the public vary from seafood to cookies and candies; from American finger foods to Asian cuisines to 20-person servings fit for a large party.

Cookies and Sweets

Costco serves cookie platters which are perfect for a children’s party or a girl/boy scout gathering at home. Of course, they are also ideal for all other kinds of celebrations, be it a casual birthday party or a more formal corporate assembly. Everybody can appreciate a good cookie and Costco can provide that for customers.

These trays usually contain a mix of two or more kinds of cookies, depending on the offer and order placed by the customer. Examples of cookies served by the wholesale store are chocolate chip, butter, peanut sprinkled, ginger snaps, and so forth. Since the store is wholesale, it also has access to so many food brands that produces pre-packed cookies. Customers therefore have many flavors and brands to choose from. The cookie party platters Costco makes will give kids and adults something sweet and yummy to munch on while waiting for the proper meals to be served.

Costco also offers packages that will supply customers with cookies for as many as 60 days. This is perfect for the Christmas season wherein family and friends will come over any time in the month and parties are held all month long. Customers can even assemble these treats in small boxes and hand them out as Christmas cookies to neighbors and friends.

A Wide Variety of Dishes and Cuisines

One of the best things about the party platters Costco puts together is that they can range from sandwiches to exotic cuisines from other countries. It makes it so easy for people to put together a party too, because of this. The biggest concern people have when holding a gathering, no matter how small, is the food that will be served to the guests. It won’t matter if the impromptu gathering is a casual house party or a business meeting—Costco can cater the food appropriate for both types of situations.

Instead of ordering takeout from the Chinese restaurant and spending a fortune on a tray of sushi or Korean Maki which only a handful of people will be able to taste, people can place an order at Costco and get three or more trays of Japanese, Korean or Chinese food. It would be so easy to feed 20 to 30 guests this way.

Some of the most popular party platters Costco serves are the Shrimp Platter, Turkey and Cheese Roll-Up Wraps, Chinese Chicken Salad Kit, Sushi Platter, Dimsum Platter, Sushi, Shrimp and Maki Platter, and other trays containing assortments of fruits and vegetables, cheeses and meats and pastries.

Affordable Party Platters

Last but not least, the party platters Costco offers are not only varied; they are also very affordable. Although Costco doesn’t post the prices of its party trays on its website, customers say that a tray serving 20 or more people can cost as little as $10. The pricier trays can go for $40 to more than $100, depending on the food ordered and the brands included.