Parties are great ways of celebrating whatever it is that brings joy to your family or circle of friends. You can throw a party on a family member’s birthday or when someone achieves something, like graduating or passing the board exams. In any case, you need to ensure the food party platters that you are serving will be a hit to your guests.

 How to Make Party Platters

Sandwich Party Platters

Before you think of the menu you are going to serve, think of what you will be using as platters first. You can use the ordinary plates that you have at home. Just make sure that they are big enough so you can put a little variety into your menu.

Also, do away with breakable materials like glass. Choose light ones like paper or plastic plates to be used as party platters. Buy a lot of them also so you will not run out in the middle of your party. You can also use cardboard and wrap them in plastic or tin foil and use these as your party plates.

Party Platter Menu – Suggestions

When you are brainstorming of recipes you want to serve your party guests, think of dishes that are easy to eat and will not be too messy. Finger foods are the best option especially if you are throwing an informal party with lots of people involved.

Here are some suggestions on what you can serve:

  • Chicken

You can never go wrong with chicken dishes at parties. Popular ones would include chicken wings, chicken barbeque, fried ones, and even chicken balls.

  • Wraps

You can serve a party platter filled with fresh and delicious wraps if you are on the health-conscious side. Rolls of vegetable, beef or pork are sure to satisfy your guests.

  • Seafood

If you can get your hands into some, then seafood dishes are always a hit when it comes to parties. Shrimps, fish sticks, oysters and along with some vegetables and cocktails will be enough at any party.

Serve these party platters and you are sure to give your guests a very good time.